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The house is quiet now that the hordes have departed. I’ve been thinking of a few pearls of wisdom some of them passed along. I’ll try to incorporate them in a post shortly.

Basic Brown
Willie made some cogent observations in his Chron column yesterday. Among other things, he said what I’ve said for months, namely that Obama is his own worst enemy. I’m convinced that Barack is on the edge of losing this election unless he begins to drive the discussion away from Iraq and toward the economy.

Let’s face it. He doesn’t look like a commander in chief. Yes, he looks presidential, but the two are horses of a different color. A stubborn prognathus jaw is required of a CIC. A President has to look, well, thoughtful, stately, Presidential. Barack meets the second spec, but needs a little surgery to create the appropriate pissed-off look of a well-rounded modern American head of state.

I downloaded the latest edition of the Firefox browser a few days ago and it has been working well so far. The new one is Version 3.0.1, a much improved browser according to the hype. Previous editions were unstable and on several occasions, I removed the program to prevent computer lockups. If my latest download continues to work as it has for the past several days, the bugs that put the whammy on my machine are gone. Let’s hope…!

The latest version came with a new feature that I like, the ability to enlarge images on the ‘net with your mouse or pad. Most browsers permit type enlargement, but Firefox is the only browser I know about that will enlarge an image.

On my laptop, I can enlarge images by holding the Ctrl key down and clicking ++ several times to get a larger image. On my desktop, the feature works by holding down Ctrl and rolling the mouse scroll wheel.

I don’t know if this feature has any practical application unless you have a fetish for finding warts, pimples, and wrinkles on the faces of people you don’t like, which isn’t a bad idea come to think of of.

Are you into romance?
The Romance Writers of America (RWA) is holding its annual conference July 30-August 2, 2008, at the Marriott Hotel, 55 Fourth Street, San Francisco.

Holy Romance, Lover Man! Is that a suitable location for the flowering of love? I suppose so. An imaginative writer could cook up a plot involving love at first sight between a street denizen who turns out to be a member of Britain’s Royal family and an innocent maiden from Hays, Kansas. I just threw Hays in because there aren’t too many innocent maidens in SF.

Golf can be hazardous to your health
Poor ole Michelle Wie had another kiss of death planted on her Saturday. After playing three rounds of sub-par golf, which put her one stroke behind the leader in the LPGA State Farm Classic going into Sunday, LPGA officials discovered that she had  departed the “Signing” area after the completion of her Saturday round without signing her scorecard, an automatic disqualification.

What else could happen to this poor kid? I can’t think of anything, unless perhaps she gives birth on the 18th hole when she’s fifteen strokes ahead in the world’s most prestigious golf tournament. Birthing during a tournament is probably an automatic disqualification.


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Young Stanford student and professional golfer Michelle Wie is off to a good start in the opening round of her first tournament this year. With a gallery of 200 or so, she ended her round yesterday with a 69, five strokes off the lead. The second round at the LPGA’s Fields Open is underway now. This is the second LPGA event of the year.

Bay Area player “Paula in Pink” Paula Creamer ended her first round at 66, one stroke behind the leader, Jeong Jang. San Leandro product Pat Hurst wound up with an even par 72, and Sacramento-born Natalie Gulbis is one over at 73.

Michelle Wie is playing in familiar territory at the Ko Olina Golf Club on Oahu. The Hawaii product cut her golfing teeth in Hawaii and always enjoys a large and enthusiastic crowd when she plays. With a home-field advantage she ought to end the week among the top ten, which will be a much-needed boost to her comfort level on the golf course.

I never cease to be amazed at the skills, talents, and dedication these young women bring to the game of golf and to life. They and many more are shining examples for young girls to emulate. We should applaud their achievements and the positive achievements of young people everywhere and in all fields of endeavor.

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This amazing phenomenon of the golf world a few years ago seems to have disappeared after her disastrous 2007 year. Once touted as a future Tiger Woods, she will not participate in the first LPGA event in Hawaii this week, although she will play next week in the Fields Open, also in Hawaii.

After her descent into mediocrity, the Stanford freshman has no LPGA status at the moment, which means she needs special invitations to play. Moreover, she cannot play in any of the majors.

I’m sure she is disappointed with her fall from favor and her current status on the tour. But in the long run, a period of reflection and a serious reevaluation of her career goals, along with some intense swing analysis, may prove the best course.

Early on, she had a long, loose swing that allowed her to hit the ball as far as the men, if not farther in many cases. And her accuracy then was top-notch.

But then, according to some reports, she retained a new swing coach who attempted to mold her swing to fit the classic golf model. The results were less than desirable, as her swing suddenly became shorter and her tee shots tended to wander all over the fairway. She also seemed tentative on the tee, as if anticipating a poor shot.

Possibly, too, the pressures on her from all corners were distracting as well. Fans always demand the best from their models, not to mention sponsors. When big money is involved, sponsors want a return on their investment. She undoubtedly felt those pressures. Teenagers are rarely accustomed to the perfection demanded of a professional in any activity. Golf is no exception.

At the moment, she has indicated an interest in concentrating on her studies and working her way back into form at a more leisurely pace. That’s a good strategy.

As a young woman with the best of intentions, who possesses ambition and superb skills, she deserves our support on her golfing re-birth.

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Michelle Wie carded 12 over on her Saturday round to wind up with an 84 for the day.

She scored four double-bogeys, five bogies, and one birdie, finally ending the day in 69th place.

Her Saturday’s 12-over followed a one under round on Friday, her first sub-par effort since she last played the Evian in 2006.

Her play on Friday brought her in below the cut line and she will be around for the final round on Sunday barring any unforeseen circumstances.

San Leandro girl Pat Hurst was nowhere to be found on the leaderboard.

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  • Michelle Wie shot a 1-under 71 in the second round of the women’s Evian Masters in France, her first sub-par round since last year. The Bay Area’s Pat Hurst wasn’t named among the second round leaders. Maybe she hasn’t finished her round yet.
  • Gene for itching found. That explains the spate of mayoral sexcapades, I guess. Hell, one excuse is good as another.
  • British study says marijuana use may lead to psychosis. I kinda always thought it led to high political office. Maybe psychosis is an intermediate stop.
  • Astronauts reportedly flying drunk. Maybe it isn’t the booze but Houston’s air. Lots of noxious fumes all over East Texas from refineries and other assorted chemical plants.
  • Nicole Ritchie reportedly pleads guilty, gets 90 hours in jail. Take a clue from her, Lindsay.

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Never heard of Pat Hurst? Not too many people have. But at this moment she is tied with two other lady golfers in the Evian Masters in France, one of the premium women’s golf events of the year (Michele Wie completed her first round with a 73 2-over par).

So What? Well, to begin with, she is a Bay Area product, born in San Leandro on May 23, 1969, and later attended San Jose State where she was a star member of the golf team.

She is notable, too, because she is a woman of mixed ethnicity, one of the few on the LPGA tour. Her mother was born in Japan and her father is an American. Pat has said she is part Japanese and part German. Her biological father died when she was five years old.

Her golf career has been noteworthy from the git-go. At San Jose State, she won team individual and NCAA titles. Here’s how her college career was summarized in Wikipedia:

“She was All-American First team in 1989 and 1990, Big West Champion in 1988 and Big West Champion and Athlete of the Year in 1990. She is a member of the San Jose State Sports Hall of Fame.”

She enjoyed a sterling amateur record and in her pro career, she was LPGA Rookie of the Year on the LPGA Tour in 1995. She has five LPGA tour wins and one major, the Kraft Nabisco Championship, with over one million in tout earnings overall.

On the personal side, she’s been married since 1995 and has two children, a seven-year old son and a four year old daughter. She met her husband at a night golf driving range where he worked and she spent many practice hours.

She seems to be not only a sterling golfer and mother but somewhat philosophical. She has said that people can do what they want with determination. That’s a life-style of living we could all profit from.

I think it would be safe to say that Pat Hurst is a commendable young woman, a credit to her family and to the Bay Area. She illustrates well the qualities that we certainly don’t find often in the sensationalized world of vacuous bimbos who seem to be at the forefront of what passes for news in the Bay Area.

If you want some more info about her and about lady golfers in general, try this link.

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Baseball is a game I love. I played the game as a youngster, long before parents became involved and organized and programmed the free spirit out of it.

The truth is, us kids were better at organizing our games than a whole host of Little Leagues officials, coaches, and concerned parents. In high school, nine or ten of us would pile in a couple of jalopies and drive around to neighboring towns looking for a game. We’d pull into a town, stop at a gas station or store and ask if anyone in town wanted to play. Next thing we knew, the whole town would gather at the park or even in an empty field. That’s the way kids ought to play baseball.

Golf is also a game I love. I took up the sport in my thirties and never became an accomplished golfer. But that was never important to me. I loved the whole atmosphere, the outdoors, the sunshine, the camaraderie, the lying about how many strokes someone had on the last hole. Golf still remains a social game for me.

It’s unfortunate that Michelle Wie has taken another tack. Golf is a business for her and for her handlers. Sure, she enjoys the game, but she isn’t on the course for the sheer enjoyment of playing. She wants to outplay the men. She wants to set records. She wants to make a lot of money. Sometimes I wonder if these are her goals or the goals of someone or some outside group exerting adult pressure on this child.

Michelle Wie’s career has taken the mother all nose dives since she became a pro a couple of years ago. The latest disaster occurred just yesterday when she withdrew from the LPGA championship after complaining of an exacerbated wrist injury.

It seems to me that now is the time for serious soul searching by Michelle, by her parents, and by the money interests guiding her career. This is a 17-year old girl who ought to take a breather from the pressures and injuries she has encountered since becoming a pro. She should put her pro career on hold, attend college, and then pick it up.

In the final analysis, she’ll be better off over time. She deserves a break.

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