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October Morning


By Beverly Ann Barthel

With familiar thump and urgent meow
Another  day approaches
Cozy  quilt pulled tighter
Veiling  eyes from what lies ahead
Back into my warm, safe and dark cocoon I go

Cradled in warmth …
But only for a moment more…
Meow , I hear again…
The battle of wills proceeds…
The meow is louder  now
I lose  or win
Depends on your perspective
Down goes the quilt
Exposed and cold
Robe in hand
I hasten to look out my Autumn window…
Worshipping trees bow in the wind  to their Maker
Scampering squirrels and  dancing Autumn leaves twirl in delight
And old Mr.Smith, from across the street,
Wearing his  ancient , grey sweater gets his newspaper
Just  as he has done since  the Great Depression back in  1932
The wind blows an old  baseball cap down the street
And the mystical  out door cat appears on my sill
Suddenly my heart feels warm again.

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