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One of the things I notice about media coverage of Obama and the current VA scandal: most of the discussions and news reports concentrate almost solely on the action or inactions of Obama and almost completely overlook or ignore the role of others.

For example, the complete and total obstruction of the Republican Congress to all things Obama. This Congress has consisttenly and unabashedly refusedĀ to cooperate wih him in any way and has also consistently refused to approve funds for veterans afairs, including such known issues as a deep shortage of doctors and supporting medical staff.

In my mind, the Republican obstruction is reprehensible and un-American, especially in light of the known fact that the flood of veterans needing help is directly attributable to the wars and military actions of preceeding Republican administraions.

The media needs to get out of its overly simplistic approach to news reporting. The public deserves it.



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