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On November 6, Americans will dutifully tromp to thousands of polling places throughout the country and cast their votes for two competing visions of the role of government in the 21st Century.

The choices are clear: a future of greed or a future of deed.

The greed of giant corporations and the overly rich who grasp for more and more money at the expense of the poor and middle class is exemplified by Mitt Romney, a millionaire many times over who has made his money by buying American enterprises, closing them, and shifting their operations to China. Thousands upon thousands of Americans have lost their jobs as a direct result of Romney’s greedy decisions.

A vote for Romney is a vote for the richest 1% of our population and a direct slap in the face of all Americans not just the 47% of Americans that Romney has publicly denigrated as leeches dependent on public assistance. The Romney way is a way of greed

A future of deed is richly exemplified by Barack Obama. His vision of the future is one of inclusion, a future in which all Americans play by the same rules, a future in which the poor, the sick, and the infirm recive the assistance that they are unable to provide for themselves.

Obama’s vision of inclusiveness is illustrated by one of his first deeds as President, the passage of his well-named Obama Care in which all Americans are, for the first time in the history of this country, covered by medical insurance. No one need sit for hours in a cold emergency room waiting for attention as Romney has expressly stated is his preference.

This is only one example of a future of deed, a future that emphasises social cohesion and a government that truly looks after the well being of all Americans rather than the richest 1%.

A future of deed should be preferable to everyone. But it isn’t. Large segments of our society prefer to remain in a state of penury rather than cast a vote for Obama and a positive future. This is a major puzzle of this election.

Greed is a powerful pull because we all envision ourselves becoming a part of the 1%. However, we stand a better of chance of becoming rich under a system that provides an opportunity for the many rather than the few.

Spock was a very wise Vulcan.


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