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The Vagina Strategy

A day or so ago, I wrote about the Repugnicant’s Southern Strategy: Grits and Vaginas.

In the first part of this two-part analysis, I used grits as a symbol of Southern pride and pointed out that candidates frequently make rather juvenille and ostentatious attempts to identify with local cultures.

Mitt Romney, for example, uttered one of his more insincere attempts to establish commonality when he said to an audience in Mississippi, “I love grits.”

My guess is that the closest ol’ Mitt ever came to a grit was when a little caviar stuck in his throat at a formal dinner with ex-Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour.

Today, in the second part of my anallysis, I am going to adopt a more sober and serious tone because the Republicants have been on a years-long crusade in their curious attempt to deprive women of health care, particularly if the health care concerns abortion, birth control and contraception. These attempts at deprivation are often referred to as the Vagina Strategy.

Recently, their efforts have taken a frantic turn, as they cram through local legislatures law after law designed to proscribe or eliminate entirely womens’ Constitutiuonal rights to health care on a par with mens’.

An excellent source for the extent of these efforts can be found on Emily’s List.com. In an article titled “Top 10 Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Attacks on Women’s Rights,” author Allison McQuade details ten of the more egregious efforts to curtail women’s health care rights.

As good as her article is, however, it is only the tip of the iceberg that the Repugnicants have managed to float in the path of civil rights in general and womens’ rights in particular.

For more than 40 years, the Repugnicants have silently worked under the radar in a malicious effort to appoint right wing judges to courts at all levels up to and including the U.S. Supreme Court.

Today, at the Federal level alone, the 12 Federal District Courts are dominated by conservative judges. The only exception is the 9th District Court of Appeals in San Francisco, which serves the Western United States.

At the state level, courts are also packed with conservative judges, and legislative bodies have become increasingly red in their makeup based on questionable redistricting, thus permitting easier passage of laws such as Virginia’s odious law requiring women to be virtually raped before they could have an abortion. Only a massive public outcry forced the governor to eliminate this tortuous provision.

The question many people may ask, is why does the makeup of courts matters? The answer lies in the structure of the United States government itself. Courts in this country are arbiters of political questions and questions of constitutional rights.

Thus, a woman who wishes to challenge an odious law in court may well have three strikes against her before her case reaches the first court in the chain.

Why is the Vagina stragegy particularly effective in the South?

Because the Southern states are comprised primarily of rigid religionists who believe a woman’s place is in the home and that a woman’s activities are subject to her husband’s whims. The strategy has only limited effectiveness in other parts of the country.

While all of the information I’ve covered in here is important to know, it is more important to participate in the political process. As long as more than half of the American voting public fails to vote, only active special interest groups will dominate not only the political but also the legal process in this country.

Unless you vote and make your voice heard in other ways, you will be a part of the problem.

Why not become a part of the solution?


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In case you haven’t noticed, some Repugnicant candidates for President have developed a two-pronged strategy for winning the Confederacy.

It’s called Grits and Vaginas. Today, I will talk about Grits. Tomorrow, I will report on the Vagina strategy.

Keep in mind that I do not use the word Vagina in jest or to trivialize women. Repubnicants are actually using women’s female parts to win elections.

But, first, Grits.

The direct denotation of the word Grits “…is a dish of coarsely ground corn kernels boiled with water or milk.”

Grits is a popular dish in the CSA and in many other areas of the country. And I fully admit without reservation or coercion that I love grits.

In fact, I will take grits over another popular Southern dish meant to make outsiders gag, namely scrambled eggs and brains.

But grits is more than grits. It’s a symbol the way a flag is a symbol. Grits is a symbol of the South, ranking right up there with the Confederate flag.

When people eat grits, they are telling the world, “I am a Rebel. The South shall rise again.”

Grits ain’t just grits. Grits is the Real America.

That’s why politicians campaigning in the South eat grits. Or, if they don’t eat them, they talk about them.

Case in point, Mitt Romney, one of the oddest Repubnicant candidates in recent memory.

The minute he flew across Ole Man Ribber in his private jet sipping a blue martini and munching pate, he said, “I know grits. I love grits.”

Whether grits will be enough to carry him to victory in Mississippi and other parts of the South remains to be seen as of this writing. But one thing is clear.

Mitt has a lot of guts. Any man who can say to a crowd in Michigan, “The tree are the right height,” and then throw in grits in Mississippi would make a hell of a stand up comedian.

OK, bartender, Grits and Bourbon for all.

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The Repugnicants are still puzzled over President Obama’s religion. Is he a Christian? Is he a Muslim? What?

Not surprisingly, Repubnicants overwhelming believe he is a Muslim.

This belief is especially strong in the state of Mississippi where a Mississipian recently said Obama isn’t qualified to be the President because he isn’t an American.

What is he, I wondered before he went on to say, “He’s not an American. He’s a Muslim.” The man’s demeanor strongly suggested that the word Muslim is uncapitalized in his neck of the woods.

None of this surprises me. Although I am primarily a product of California and Hawaii, I have lots of distant cousins in the Confederate States of America.

I was visiting one a few years ago, and at dinner, the subject of religion came up. The conversation went something like this.

“I am not at all biased. I believe in freedom of religion.”

“Me too.”

“Why, we have a neighbor who is a (hushed voice) muslim.”

“Is that right?” I whispered.

“She invited me to her house.”

You don’t say?”

“Yes, I do say. And I accepted because, as I said, I am not prejuduced.”

“I remember.”

“When I walked in, I became scared and My God told me to get out.” I had the definite feeling that she was talking in bold caps.

“She did?”

“Yes, and I left without saying a word.”

“Have you seen her since then?”

“Oh, yes. She is a wonderful neighnor.”

“But I thought your god told you to get out.”


But isn’t that some sort of bias?”

“Of course not, silly. God told me to get out, and if he says it, it isn’t bias.”

“I think I’m beginning to see the light.”

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