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I’ve just discovered a new WordPress blogger by the name of Beverlyanna. She has kindly granted me the permission to reprint an outstanding post in which she puts a surgeon’s scalpel to the modern Republican Party’s drive  to return America to days of yore when white males ruled the roost dow      and everyone ese was a grey shadow on the periphery of Caucasian short-sightedness. She calls her article Republicans and the Return to Pleasantville. Enjoy this exciting new author.


I don’t even know where to begin… so much has happened in the political arena lately.  It seems we have a crazy array of Republican candidates that are stumbling and shooting major bullets into each other and the very fabric of America and  all while on this  fast track journey to the Republican nomination.   Pleasantville here we come!

If one is following this primary season, we can see  that all the Republican candidates want to take us  back in time to a  grey and colorless place known as Pleasantville, USA, where only extremely  fundamentalist Christian policies rule the land and white males call all the shots while stepping on the rights and freedoms of every other known demographic group in America… like women, African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, gays , the elderly, union members, other religious ideologies and the poor. They want us to travel back to a time when oil was holy water, and neighbors were all the same , and neighborhoods were separated by the haves and the have nots. Republicans want to go back to that. It was really pleasant back then … but only for snooty  white , males ! The rest of America was suffering with inequality and prejudice.

Republicans today see America in shades of grey… no diversity, no color.  They have political cataracts on their eyes and bullet vests covering their hearts.  Their brains are trapped in the past. They see an America that is color blind to cultural differences.  They obviously seek to send women back to an age where pompous , self righteous men made the most intimate decisions for them… decisions about how to plan their families and health care .

Republicans keep saying they want to get government off the backs of Americans but it  seems they are only against government interference when  policies seek to provide social justice and fairness.  You know things that benefit the general welfare like healthcare, clean air,water and land. They espouse deep cuts in programs that benefit the neediest among us while preserving corporate welfare tactics and tax incentives that benefit the rich.  Republicans seek to place most of the burden of dealing with the deficit on an already suffering Middle Class while leaving the wealthiest classes among us untouched! They wish to deregulate environmental regulations and oppose collective bargaining.

Republican politicians,  in some states, actually advocate invasive medical practices without a woman’s consent and have even said they look upon  most popular methods of birth control with disdain. Rick Santorum  wants to be the President of Pleasantville where women are  beholden to men and their own wishes about planning their families and managing their health are decided by men. He wants to force his religious views on ALL of America. Hey, Rick, this is 2012… science has solved some problems that make life healthier and easier for most people… especially women… but of course your ideas  about medicine and science are subjected to your own  religious interpretation. I don’t  hear you complaining about  insurance that covers Viagra for men… just birthcontrol that works for women. . Give me a break!

Republicans want Pleasantville  Schools to teach only revisionist history in religious inspired government controlled curriculum  with no mention of climate change or  real civil and human rights gains  in the past century! They want to pretend these advances have never happened.

I keep wondering where the voices of outrage are?  There must be some intelligent  Republicans left… those who see all this forcing of fundamentalist religion down everyones’s throats as being a death knell  in a national campaign.  Just like Elvis,  I think they all left the room.  The republican party is in disarray.  The lunatics are running the asylum…  I mean party.

Well, if any of these lunatics manage to win the primary, we will definitely see a vibrant campaign with lots of color and diversity supporting President Obama… and well these Pleasantville Republicans… why they can all go back home to their own Pleasantvilles and leave the rest of us alone!


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