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It’s midafternoon on Christmas day 2011. The kids opened their presents early and then faded away to nap. We haven’t had our Christmas dinner yet, but my mind is already fast-forwarding to the New Year. What will the year hold for me, for my family, and for the United States?

Those are unanswerable questions because the future remains as elusive as it always has. Suffice to say, I’m no Nostradamus. I have no mysterious powers that will permit me to create wonderfully vague, ambiguous, and elusive words, phrases and sentences that highly intelligent people like Joe the Plumber will interpret and assign certaintities of time and place to catastrophic events in my name.

I’m just an ordinary guy who lives a low-key life without a lot of daily drama. In short, I’m no politician. I’m just Bob, the guy who lives next door in a neighborhood that’s been around awhile and is beginning to show signs of wear and tear but still is called home to a lot of nice people with a kind of benign nosiness and a tendency toward arguing in favor of their pet loony belief.

Because I’m the only normal man among a bunch of wierdos, I’ve learned to recognize their predictibility and hence foretell their future actions and reactions. For example, one of my neighbors is a man named Bob. People can’t seem to tell the difference between us. But Bob  is predictible. He is absolutely certain that the election of that Kenyan guy as president was the first step in the takeover of the United States by the Soviet Union.

Forget for a moment that the Soviet Union ceased to exist a couple of centuries ago. Forget that the President of the United States is a white guy from Kansas. Forget that Shirley Temple was an ambassador to Tanzania or someplace. But remember that Bob will blame every occurrence in the universe on Brock O. Bama. Bob is predictible.

George Romney is also predictible. George is going to say something today, say  something different tomorrow, and revert to his original something day after tomorrow. Nutt Gingrich is predictible. Everytime he has an affair, he will blame it on his love for our country.

Rick Perry is predictible. His hair is always perfectly coiffured and he talks in a silly fake Texas accent. Ron Paul is predictible. He’ll lambast black people and blame his words on ghost writers. Michelle Bachman is predictible. She’s smart and tees off everyone else because Tea Partiers can’s handle smart women, or smart anyone for that matter.

If you haven’t grasped my drift yet, peredictibility is at the heart of political analysis. In the field of human resources, the experts tell us that the best gauge of how a new employee will perform is how that employee performed in the past.

The same general rule applies in the world of politics. If you want to figure out how a candidate will perform as President of the United States, take a detailed look at his or her past performance. Be careful, however. The responsibilities and authorities of the President far outweigh those of any other office in this country public or private.

As Richard Nixon once said, “Don’t listen to what I say. Watch what I do.” That’s a brilliant observation. Nixon may have been a crook, but he knew a lot about human behavior.

And it’s good advice for anyone who really wishes to assess the current crop of Republican candidates for the presidency. Ignore their debate performance. Ignore their slick ads. Ignore the pronouncements of their supporters.

Look at their records. For example, if a candidate has supported a bill or a law, ask first and formost, “Who benefits? Does the law provide tax breaks or other good things to the one-percenters?” If it does, you will have a firm fix on the strong possibility that the candidate’s policies as President will follow a similar tack.

Once you’ve completed your analysis by collecting the facts, preparing a spreadsheet, and gnashing your teeth because you can’t find an iota of difference between any of them, throw away the whole pile, close your eyes, whirl around three times, and then vote for Obama.


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If you haven’t figured it out by now, Newt Gingrich is a man of grandiose dreams and loony ideas. He once remarked that he was going to change the world. Didn’t Hitler say that? Or was it Caligula?

Newt’s latest crazy uttering is about the United States Federal court system. In a nutshell, he says as president he would arrest judges whose decisions he disagrees with.

Yes, I think a couple of Supreme Court justices are totally unqualified to sit on the bench. Think Scalia and Thomas.

These are justices who are widely known to believe in the same things Newt does. Maybe Obama could arrest these bozos for the lunatic decision to make people out of corporations.

Oh, wait. That’s not what Newt proposes to do. He wants to arrest only liberal judges. Or in the jargon of right wing screwballs, Activist Judges, meaning judges who vote in favor of civil rights for the poor and disenfranchised.

Newt, in fact, would completely dismantle Brown v. Board of Education, a ruling in 1954 that overturned the separate but equal facilities under which Blacks had to endure the ignominy of virtually unfunded Black public schools. According to Newt, giving Blacks an educational chance is unconstitutional.

And yet in his mind arresting judges is perfectly constitutional.

But Newt doesn’t stop at arresting judges.

Before he arrests them, he will have them face an Inquisition before the U.S. Congress to justify their decisions.

There’s really more to Newt than we know, though. He also wants to eliminate child labor laws so that schools can fire their janitors and kids can do the work, all in the name of kids learning how to be responsible adults and support their fired parents.

But that isn’t all. Newt is a well-known fornicator of women other than his wife. When asked to explain his peccadillos, he offered an excuse from patriotism, which I will paraphrase.

“I love my country so much, and I worked so hard on behalf of my country that I got caught up in the moment.”

I don’t think I can add anything to my strong belief that Newt Gingrich should aptly be named Nutty Gingrich and those who support him are ripe for incarceration in the nearest loony bin.

But I will admit that his excuse for screwing his intern while impeaching Clinton for having a little pseudo sex in the Oval Office is a novel one.

Quick thinking insanity. I like the sound of it.

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December 17, 2011—Special to SF Bay Area
from our Western New York Correspondent
Beverly Anna

——-Today, I am  very proud  to call myself an American.  I am very proud to point out and remind my fellow Americans about a promise made by our President… Barack Obama.   Before he was elected, then Senator, and presidential candidate, Barack Obama made a promise  about ending this ill conceived  war in Iraq…honorably.  He also made a pledge to bring our  brave soldiers home.  He kept his promise.  The war in Iraq is NOW  finally over and our soldiers will be home for the holidays. For all of these troops  and their families… peace of mind  will be at hand.  Their loved ones will be united and there will be peace in their hearts. We celebrate our soldiers. We commend them for a job well done!  We also  mourn , with a heavy heart, those who will not be returning home…

——-In the world community, I believe respect for America is on the rise. I am sure many Iraqis  thought we  would stay in Iraq forever because  of their oil and that  America would have our soldiers there indefinitely. Unfortunately there  are those in America today who are still very vocal on keeping our mililtary troops in Iraq.  Like a nightmare phantom from the past, Dick Cheny spoke his diabolical views on the airwaves recently.

————-The American people support bringing our troops home. President Obama is bringing them home.   President Obama has proven to the World Community that America can be trusted once again and that we are not  so fast on the trigger with this present administration.   President Obama understands and respects the diversity in the world community. With President Obama as leader of the Free World  …. diplomacy and well thought out plans and a strong desire to work together with other nations has brought us closer to something all thinking and moral people desire…PEACE ON EARTH . And Peace in the Middle East is not an easy task…I do believe this tactic of diplomacy and working with other countries and not always alone is a better way.

————–President Obama is intelligent and rather than be quick on the trigger… he works to affect a common ground on all fronts… He is calm, cool, collected and very focused. Under his watch, we captured  Bin Laden, under his leadership and willingness to work with other nations and the United Nations he was able to provided the leadership that went on to overthrow another dictator.. Gadafhy.  I believe once again this has shown the world community  that we are NOT the country that takes over nations and occupies them with military troops ad infinitum .  I think our President also has proven to the American people that he would be much more thoughtful and utililze every diplomatic channel before committing our sons and daughters in harms way in direct contrast to the previous administration.

————–ON the home front …Peace on Earth has a different aspect.  There is cetainly no peace on earth  for a family with no job… whose unemployment benefits are running out.  There is no peace on earth for a child who is hungry and homeless because his family has  been evicted….  since they can no longer pay the rent or buy food..  There is no peace on earth for an elderly person who can’t afford the copays on medicine and has to make a choice on food or medicine , or a mother who has NO health care and is dealing with catastrophic illness.

————–Social justice means being fair.  Peace on Earth  is not just the lyric in a song, or a Bible  passage, or a line in a Christmas card. It is a moral view… a  philosophy, a way of thinking, a way of acting that seeks to make life better not just for yourself… but for ALL people.  This is an election year and I do see a clear choice.

————All this gridlock and filabustering … simply because the Republicans DO NOT WANT THE WEALTHY TO PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE… while cutting programs that actually benefit people in dire straits and with overwhelming needs disgusts me.  They have had trickle down economics for more than 8 years….where are the jobs?  Overseas. Income inequity has never been greater. The middle class is disappearing.  Another trend I see is such vitriol against this President and that there is a willingness to watch Americans suffer just to blame President Obama. He inherited a mess. The mid term election results… have put a  major road block  in everything he has tried to do.

—————I believe this whole group who are debating now are  totally out of touch with the troubles and trials of average American people.   President Obama inherited a fiscal mess.  He truly UNDERSTANDS the need for health care for every American .  He believes every American should be  contributing their fair share to solve these fiscal woes.  Statistics have proven the rich have gotten richer, the middle class is diasppearing and trickle down does NOT work.  Where are the jobs?  They are overseas.  Why are some republicans  so adament about protecting these tax breaks for the very wealthy?  Vested interest, totaly lack of empathy…or simply the desire to see, as one Republican  senator has stated… that  the goal of all Republicans should be to defeat President Obama.     Is that their main objective?  Looks like it to me.

————–Well, Peace on Earth means many things… I think President Obama has a good understanding of what these words mean…on the home front and in the world.   Peace on Earth and Good Will to ALL,!  Yes, ALL people no matter what religion, gender, culture or deomographic group.

———–Peace on earth, Good Will To All … can it be?????

I think is can.

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I’m a Gagger. You know what that is, don’t you? It’s someome who will gag at the sight of a dentist.

That’s me. When I type the word “dentist,” I gag.

I’m an Anticipatory Gagger. Five days before a dental appointment, I gag. Even if I don’t have an appointment, I’ll gag at a toothpaste ad.

I once gagged two years before a routine cleaning. Worse, I gagged continually from start to finish while filling out an insurance form.

Okay. You get it. I’ m a Gagger. An Antitipatory Gagger. I’ve always been one.

Lately, though, it’s been worse.

My phobia has begun to extend beyond the simple act of gagging in the dentist’s  office.

Sights and smells of certain things now cause a little bile to rise in my throat.

For example, I was reclining on the bed clicking my TV clicker as I usually do when all of a sudden I not only gagged, I not only reguritated a little bile, but I let loose a stream of green pea soup ala Linda Blair in The Exorcist.

The cause of my sudden distress…

I distinctly heard a deep voice intone, “And now ladies and gentlemen, we bring you the umpteenth debate between the Seven Dwarfs vying to become the Republican presidential candidate against Barack Obama.”

I grunted, “Huh?” and leaned forward.

Yep, there they were.

The 21st Century reincarnation of

Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, and Sneezy.

You match the fairy tale names with their real–life counterparts. I can’t. To suggest, even humorously, that Snow White’s admirers are even remotely connected to the bozos and bozo-esses on stage is an insult to dwarfs everywhere.

Why? Something was slightly askew about this current group. They seemed more like  a bunch of Hollywood dummies dressed in odd clothes, as if having been placed on a a Star Trek set.

And whereas the original Seven Dwarfs were lovable and cuddly, the current crop appeared vaguely false in every respect, evil reincarnations like the pods in  the Body Snatchers.

Moreover, when the clan on stage opened their collective mouths, they always uttered the same words, “It’s all Obama’s fault.”

Obama himself, during an interview on CBS the following day, summarized events perfectly.

“It doesn’t matter who becomes the Republican candidate, the message will be the same. No help for the poor and middle class.”

But by the time Obama uttered these words, I had already made a decision.

No longer would I gag in the dentist’s office. I would save it for the sight and sound of a Republican candidate.

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