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This is out of character for me, but I am actually feeling sorry for Sarah Palin. She’s in over her head, and if she isn’t careful, she’ll become a readily available punching bag if McCain loses.

Republican leaders who were silent when McCain chose Sarah as his running mate are the real culprits. Instead of speaking up, they rolled over and played dead, becoming active participants in McCain’s charade and aiding in the total elimination of all common sense qualifications for the Office of the President.

I’d be willing to bet money that those leaders pumped her up until she actually thought her candidacy would be a walk in the park. But she just didn’t get it. Running for Governor of Alaska isn’t quite like running for Vice President. There’s no hometown advantage on the national scene.

Suddenly, the same leaders who permitted Sarah to sneak in under the radar are bleating like stuck pigs now that the rubber has met the road (how about those mixed metaphors?).

Anxiety attacks are spreading throughout the Republican hierarchy, fueled by a combination of Sarah’s dismal performance in her interviews with Charlie and Katie, the total incompetence of the Bush Administration, and the petulant Republicans in Congress who feel slighted by Nancy Pelosi.

And adding to the tumult is McCain’s erratic behavior as he stumbles around attempting to prove that he’s a consequential candidate for the presidency.

As all of this is ongoing, Sarah has become an object of ridicule in the media, and Tina Fey has crafter a long-term career out of satirizing Sarah on Saturday Night Live. If you haven’t seen at least one clip of Tina, you’re dead.

I know I should never sympathize with the plight of politicians of either party. They have met the enemy and it is them. Still, Sarah is a political neophyte. She’s got a lot of learning to do.

My sympathy for her is hard to explain. Maybe it’s her looks. Men seem copacetic toward good looking women. But it’s more than her appearance. I know a lot of beautiful women I would not give the time of day to.

Maybe it’s because she has five children. Raising kids is an unparalleled challenge in the 21st Century. Thankfully, I was a daddy bee rather than a mommy bee. All I had to contend with was a plethora of assholes who wanted to nail my hide to the barn door on a daily basis. My life’s role was simplicity itself compared to my wife’s.

Or maybe it’s Sarah’s status as a practitioner of Glossolalia. Speaking in tongues is old stuff for long-term politicians, but Sarah is so young she hasn’t conquered the syntax.

But I believe it’s deeper than all of the preceding. I’m sick and tired of the trivialization of serious and meaningful discussions about the problems facing our country. Sarah might very well have a few ideas that deserve consideration. Let’s give her voice the consideration we ought to give all humans. After all, it’s the Christian thing to do. Isn’t it?


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…until you’ve seen this clip of Sarah Palin participating in the 1984 Miss Alaska Swimsuit Competition.

If this really is Sarah, she could easily win her upcoming Thursday debate with Joe Biden by appearing in a bikini. Joe who?

Without wishing to be accused of exaggeration, the person in this clip has the finest female form I have ever seen. I just can’t imagine why the judges selected someone else as Miss Alaska. They all must have been blind.

If Sarah’s interview performances to date are an accurate reflection of her intellectual attainments, then her brain pales in comparison with her visible attributes.

But, that’s America. Brain power no longer rates in our political decision making processes.

On the other hand, she’d make a heck of a negotiator with foreign leaders. She could be a sort of Helen of Troy in reverse. Her face and form could prevent the launch of a thousand missiles. Who would want to take a chance on harming this beautiful creature?

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I have a Facebook Friend who needs a kidney. If you want to donate one or you know someone who wants to donate one, contact me. I’ll pass the info on to my friend. She has a private Facebook page, but here are her words.

“I need a kidney. I am in complete renal failure and I’m looking for a donor. If you feel you’d be interested in being a donor please contact me.”

No crackpots, please.

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Paul Newman is one of those actors we instinctively like. I use the present tense “is” because he made so many movies, one of them is bound to run on television in perpetuity.

I’m working from memory here, but I believe The Silver Chalice was his first big hit. Since then, his output has continued at a steady pace year after year.

We all have our personal favorite, but mine is Cool Hand Luke, followed closely by Hombre and then Hud. He filmed others with a one-word title beginning with “H” but I don’t remember any of them. Maybe Harper was one. Hmmm,

I also liked Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Out of that one came the romantic Burt Bachrach song Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head, one of my favorites.

Paul is also well known for his variety of salad dressings, Newman’s Own. My favorite is vinegar and olive oil. Just thinking about it makes me want a nice fresh salad.

Oh, and I think I’ll dig through some old stuff. Somewhere around here, I have that “Raindrops” song.

Okay, keep on working in Heaven, Paul. The place could use your sense of humor.

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Neither candidate clearly and decisively “won” last night’s presidential debate. As usual, McCain scored in the minds of the lowest elements in American society, the group that roars and slaps knees and sneers and smirks a lot to diminish and trivialize anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Those characteristic fit McCain’s performance to a tee last night. Somehow, his behavior seemed oddly discordant for a man who would be President.

Obama appeared slightly nervous in the very beginning but he gained traction as the debate continued. He performed poorly on the economy, an area most analysts expected him to handle easily, and he failed completely to connect with White working class Americans who have been beaten down by the failed policies of the Bush-McCain Combine. Among other things, those policies have decimated working class jobs by permitting tax breaks for American corporations that move their facilities overseas. Obama skated past the hard facts of unemployment among blue-collar workers.

On foreign policy, McCain continued to live in the past, evoking the Vietnam War at every opportunity along with his knowledge of such historical figures as Eisenhower and Reagan. Moreover, McCain continued his obsession with Iraq. He seemed unable to move beyond the topic, tying it to the dishonor of America’s ignominious loss in Vietnam, which he attributed to America’s civilian leaders.

To those familiar with the modern international world, Obama scored his most telling point when he clearly described the catastrophic results of the Bush-McCain fixation on Iraq. While John McCain and George Bush laser in on Iraq, they fail to notice and to meet the challenges of China. Today, as Obama pointed out during the debate, China has established military and economic beachheads in Central and South America and the Caribbean.

Obama didn’t address the following point, but one wonders what has happened to the Monroe Doctrine. Established in 1823 by President James Monroe, this simple and straightforward document clearly stated that the United States would permit no further European expansion into the Western Hemisphere by foreign powers. China is an Asian power, but we must understand that the Doctrine applied to the modern-nation state, which existed only in Europe. If the Doctrine were written today, surely it would apply to any power with aspirations in the Western Hemisphere.

The Monroe Doctrine has been the bulwark of America’s Western Hemispheric policy through the administrations of every single president from Monroe through Clinton. Kennedy was willing to risk a nuclear confrontation with the Soviet Union to prevent Russian expansion into Cuba.

But during the watch of George Bush II, not only has China made substantial inroads into previously sacrosanct areas, the Russians have just negotiated an economic and military treaty with Venezuela, and Russian warships have been welcomed into Venezuelan ports. We haven’t heard a peep about any of this from McCain or Bush.

Post-Analysis Thoughts

Since the preceding was written last night, several nationwide polls point to an Obama victory. One poll had Obama winning by a margin of 60 to McCain’s 30. In addition, most Talking Pinheads give the nod to Obama. But as we’ve mentioned several times in the past, McCain’s strategy of identifying himself as a good ole boy has been quite effective. That his background as the son and grandson of four star admirals and his wealthy life style are in any sense comparable to the experiences of the least privileged among us is preposterous, but the average American brain seems impervious to knowledge and logic. Like John, Bubbas love to sneer, smirk, and trivialize. Those traits seem an embedded part of the American psyche. Obama’s experiences are more in line with those of working-class Whites, but the Bubbas of the nation are having a difficult time identifying with the possibility of a Black President.

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I have this sneaking feeling that Billy Jeff likes John McCain better than he likes Barack Obama.

I mean, he praises John in glowing terms, and he admires Sarah Failin’s gutsiness. He even introduced John at an event of some sort. The body language of both men talked louder than words.

On the other hand, he hardly mentions Barack’s name and he still has a dificcult time admitting that Barack is ready to be the President on D-Day. And recently, he continued to maintain that Hillary would have been a better VP pick.

Is Billy Jeff one of those closet Bubbas who publicly proclaim their support for Barack but who fully intend to vote for John when the curtain to the voting booth closes? Is he one of the 33 percent of White Democrats who are somehow worried about a Barack presidency?

We’ve written early on that the Democratic Party power brokers aren’t exactly shouting Barack’s praises from the rooftops. Many have been remarkably silent. Moreover, the few Democratic honchos who support Barack have begun to wonder if Billy Jeff’s heart is in it.

Here’s the way I dope it all out. If Barack wins, he isn’t going to appoint Billy to any cabinet post or as any sort of special envoy to the Middle East or any other area. Barack doesn’t want a Clinton stamp on any part of his presidency. Billy knows all of this because he’s a pretty astute pol.

Consequently, he’s hedging his bets. If John wins, Billy will stand a better chance of playing some role in government. Billy is, after all, a creature of massive ego.

So, what should Barack do now? His best course is to ignore Bubba’s blubberings. And if he actually wins in November, be nice to Bill and Hil, but relegate them to the far reaches of Galaxy M-31 as far as any role, social or official is concerned.

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I’m with the conservative Republicans on this one. The taxpayers should not bail out Wall Street.

Can we believe the Republican administration about the dire consequences of a Congressional reluctance to ante up 700 billion dollars?

Where are all of those WMDs in Iraq? Western civilization hasn’t collapsed yet despite Bush’s personal fear of imminent attack from ICBMs secreted among the sand dunes ready to launch as soon as Saddam Hussein signaled that it was time to light the camel dung fuel pods?

Is the current fiscal “crisis” another Bush attack of paranoia, or is it a case of a bunch of Beltway Boys wishing to bail out their friends and supporters?

The public at large widely disapproves of any bailout. And it is madder than hell. The question is, mad enough to do what? (sputter, sputter) Vote the rascals out? Roll over and play dead? I lean toward the latter. The American public has been remarkably placid for a long time.

Or maybe resigned is a better word. The American public has been whipsawed back and forth for the past eight years. Perhaps the whiplash has deadened the American brain.

Let’s face it, the barons of Wall Street may be robbing Americans blind, but they aren’t dumb. They aren’t about to let their own fortunes go down the drain. Before that happens, the Barons of Greed will get together and work out a solution which further screws the American public, saves their own hide, and prevents an economic collapse.

Their whining and sniveling cries for relief from the federal treasury is a negotiating tactic that has worked in the past. Why quibble with success?

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