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Is this the real Sarah in a real bikini? You gotta see this. If it’s for real, she’s sexier than anyone ever imagined.


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Holy Sarah, Bod Man, a whole bunch of Facebook groups has suddenly sprung up around Sarah Palin. These are just a few that caught my attention. There will probably be more as time passes. Interpret these as you wish.

  • Satah Palin, No Way!
  • Draft Sarah Palin for Vice President
  • I would totally do Sarah Palin
  • Sarah Palin is a piece of work!
  • I’d Bang Sarah Palin
  • SARAH  PALIN for Veep!!
  • Sarah Palin is hot, but I’m still voting for Obama
  • Sarah Palin is way hotter than Hillary
  • Sarah “the Pee-on” Palin is no Hillary Clinton
  • Sarah Palin=Cougar
  • I have more Foreign Policy Experience than Sarah Palin
  • Sarah Palin will be worse than Dick Cheney!
  • Sarah Palin is twice the man Barack will ever be
  • My Pet Rock is More Qualified Than Sara Palin to be Vice President
  • I would have sex with, but not vote for, Sarah Palin

You get the point, right? This is just a sampling of 438 results that popped up when I searched for Sarah Palin. Many, perhaps most, of the results are probably the Facebook pages of ordinary people named Sarah Palin. Pity them over he coming months.

My Favorite: Sarah Palin is hot, but I’m still voting for Obama.

Okey, dokey. Check Facebook and let us know your favorite.

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After listening to three days of non-stop hosannas from the Republican hymn books, I’m convinced of one thing.

Sarah Palin ought to be the Republican presidential nominee instead of John McCain.

I’ve always felt that McCain wasn’t qualified to be the President of the United States for several reasons.

He’ll change his position at the drop of a hat to attract a couple more voters.

He has no concept of the U.S. domestic economy. He’s totally out of touch with the lives of ordinary Americans, unaware even of the extent of his property ownership.

To top it off, he supports a foreign policy that relies not on broad national and international conditions but “conditions on the ground in Iraq.”

If he were President, he would permit those “conditions” to drive strategies and tactics clearly archaic and unsuitable for a 21st Century international community.

In short, he lines up squarely with George Bush. Both of them seem bound and determined to eliminate a vote for a President of the United States of America in  favor of a referendum for a commander in chief.

Would Sarah Palin follow a similar course. I have no doubt that she would.

But let’s be realistic here without being ageist or sexist. She’s more photogenic than John.

Post Script

When John introduced Sarah, he kissed her on her cheek. Would he have done the same for Mitt, Joe, or Tom?

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…et al…

Stupendous, amazing, miraculous…

This site made Nnumber 31 on WordPress’s list of Growing Blogs!

Apparently with 729 hits today, 429 yesterday, and 610 the day before, we made the cut.

Peanuts in the scheme of blog life.

But considering that we operate in total oblivion on a mountaintop overlooking the Colorado River where we carry out the essential national security function of protecting the United States of America from Martian invaders, this is outa sight.

But, there’s always a catch, isn’t there?

Virtually all of the visitors were lured by visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads, namely, fantasies of Natalie Gulbis and Sarah Palin.

It’s all about the promise of S-E-X.

Politics is too complicated.

In our cynical and pragmatic brains, we know the hullabaloo will die soon and we’ll revert to our five family members a day record of visits.

We’ve had our five minutes of blog semi-fame.

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You want Sarah Palin, you got Sarah Palin.

Sarah was Miss Wasilla and runner-up Miss Alaska in 1984. The photo linked to above says Miss Alaska but that appears to be incorrect.

Sarah attended high school in Wasilla where she she played basketball and met her husband of 20 years.

She’s been Governor of Alaska two years. At the moment, she’s under an ethics investigation which, as far as I have been able to determine, involves the firing of a state trooper.

Already, some McCain supporters are firing off accusations that anyone who doesn’t vote for Sarah is a sexist.

On Obalam’s side, at least one supporter has argued that voting for Sarah just because she’s a woman is sexist.

One notable “fact”–according to Woof Blitzem, McCain had met Sarah only one time previously, and many Republican Party elders are reportedly stupefied by her selection.

Our Intrepid East Coast Journalist will have some interesting observations in a day or so. We’ll be eagerly awaiting them.

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At this link, you’ll find a Vogue cover shot of Alaska Governor and John McCain’s Vice Presidential pick Sarah Palin.

The thing that caught my eye in this photo–Sarah’s wearing wire-rimmed glasses.

There is nothing more attractive on a woman than wire rimmed glasses.

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I don’t know anything at all about Sarah Palin.

But if the news I’m watching is accurate, she’s John McCain’s Vice Presidential selection.

According to her bio, she is the 44-year old Governor of Alaska.

And, this bears mentioning, she is the also the best looking politician I have ever seen. She’s been featured on the cover of Vogue and often referred to as the sexist politician alive.

I get John McCain’s point.

All eyes, literally, will be on Sarah. When John and Sarah appear on stage together, John can say whatever he wants to say. No one will  be listening.

Seriously, this is a very astute pick. As far as we know now, she doesn’t have the baggage of Mitt Romney, et al.

And she clearly will appeal to the female vote. As I read the purpose behind McCain’s selection, he aims to pick up all of Hillary’s disenchanted women supporters and a few more who may be wavering.

He’ll undoubtedly draw a few men, too, who will be enthralled with this Hollywood quality beauty.

One wonders, however, how prepared she is to answer that mythical telephone at 3 a.m.

Is she qualified to perform as Commander in chief, or would she better fit the role of a Playboy Bunny on a USO tour?

I’m watching her in a news shot sitting at a mess table with a bunch of soldiers. She certainly draws the eye. Will someone unearth a tape of her in her earlier days? You can bet the Democrats are busily scouting around for info on her early life.

While my initial thoughts on Sarah may sound sexist, Democratic operatives are thinking along the same lines. They want to trivialize her and neutralize her impact on the race by portraying her as a bubble headed cheerleader, nice to look at but lacking substance.

But–big caveat here–the Dems need to walk softly for fear of offending women voters. Without the female vote, Barack will be dead in the water.

On balance, this is a good tactical move on John’s part. So far, Sarah has dominated the news and drawn attention from Obama’s top-flight speech of yesterday evening.

And I believe this has surprised the American public enough to blunt any Obama “bounce” resulting from the Democratic National Convention. Do I detect the hand of Karl Rove in this?

The election has suddenly become interesting.

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