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This is Post Number 500 since I opened this site in April 2007.

So what? Ho hum. Yawn. What’s the big deal, pal?

Well, I’ve been cranking these things out at the rate of more than one a day. That’s what the Blog Gurus advise a new blogger to do.

Their advice is based on the assumption that most bloggers want to be noticed, the way aspiring movie actors and nude models want to be noticed. Public nudity is a certain attention getter, but in my case, that’s definitely out of the question.

Besides, my purpose never was to be noticed (roll eyes). I wrote in the beginning and still do primarily for my daughters and a few redneck cousins. If a few others happened to stumble across the site, good.

I also wanted to kill a little time and exercise my brain muscles. As the intellect goes, so goes the universe, someone said once. So, blogging has been good. Internet research is a challenge. I love it.

And, man, there’s a lot of info about people floating around on the ‘net. A diligent and unprincipled researcher could build a biography of some poor, unsuspecting slob, complete with photos.

If I have a problem getting a post up and readable, it’s following those damned grammatical rules. I admire those who can knock out a grammatically correct sentence without raising a sweat. But that isn’t me. I keep a can of generic store brand spray-on eau de cologne handy to mask the emissions from my snapping and popping synapses.

But, little by little, I’m making progress, so much in fact, that I have decided to abandon my role as a blogger and become a Narrative Journalist. I figure 500 posts qualifies me  for a promotion and a new job title.

Besides, Narrative Journalist sounds more respectable. Blogger is a label with a nice sound to it, but it suggests beer and pretzels at Happy Hour. I prefer the ever chic and genteel double Diet Dr. Pepper on the rocks, hold the cherry. Cherries drive my glucose level out of sight.

Okay, so beginning with my next 500-post cycle, I will be a Narrative Journalist.

Actually, I just knocked this out to meet my self-imposed quota. I could have written something hateful, but I decided to let my thoughts of GB pass and concentrate on humor today.

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